Are Regular Visits to the Dentist Important?

Many people don’t see a need to visit a dentist until a problem arises. When the problems show up it is TOO LATE! Regular visits to a dentist are a must; prevention and early detection of issues are crucial to your dental health.

Regular hygiene appointments, or “check-ups”, are a wise choice for your dental health. When you visit regularly your hygienist and dentist will be able to assess your dental health to resolve small issues and prevent new issues. A regular hygiene appointment should consist of:

  • An update and discussion of your current medical history. Medical information is important; many conditions in the human body are directly related to your dental health as well dental conditions can affect your whole body health.
  • The hygienist will take x-rays to assess ar eas of teeth, tissue and bone that the naked eye cannot see. The roots and bone are hidden and there may be a hidden issue that you cannot feel! The x-rays give the hygienist and dentist a view of what they cannot possibly see otherwise.
  • The hygienist will use special instruments to check your gums for any potential disease. Gum disease or periodontal disease is preventable and needs to be resolved. The bacteria can easily affect other parts of the body including your heart!
  • Your appointment will include a thorough cleaning and tarter removal. Tarter can build up on teeth even if you brush regularly and needs to be cleared away to prevent decay or gum disease.
  • Annual oral cancer screenings are a must just like you have an annual exam or physical your mouth is susceptible to cancers too and needs to be evaluated!
  • Your dentist will join in the appointment to discuss the hygienist’s findings and examine your mouth and teeth to look for and diagnose any concerns. Together you will determine a treatment plan if needed.
  • Your appointment will finish up with a nice polishing of your teeth and a recommended fluoride treatment to protect your teeth.

Between your regular visits you can create healthy habits to maintain dental health. Easy and smart habits include, brushing twice a day for two minutes, flossing daily, having a healthy diet and avoiding sugary beverages.

Don’t wait for tooth or other mouth pain and discomfort to set in; find the dental team you can build a relationship with and communicate with to begin your journey toward better dental health! Your dental health is essential to your whole body health!